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Bacardi & Old San Juan

Quick Details

Children &. Adults Ages 5+

Explore the Spirits & History Old of San Juan

Discover a variety of rums at Casa Bacardi, known as the Cathedral of Rum. Hear their history and the process they use to make their world-famous rums. Enjoy various rum drinks. No single one is best; decide which suits your whim and fancy! Gift shop and then ready yourself for Old Town.

Around the harbor, we go toward Viejo San Juan. On the outskirts, a visit to the State Capitol is rewarded with beautiful mosaics and acquiring a broader sense of the Puerto Rican identity. Later we continue by driving into and along with the most famous landmarks of San Juan National Historic Site. Back in our vehicle, view Castillo San Cristobal and El Morro.

We stop at Ballaja. Take pictures here as you stroll about the battlefield and touch the battlement walls and its embrasures. Look on the cemetery below, between you and the shore. Our tour cannot finish without a drive down Cristo Street, where San Juan Cathedral and La Fortaleza (the Governor’s Palace) are found. Time is provided for window shopping and browsing. Columbus Square will be our final spot. At the appropriate time, we return to your hotel.

Our guide shows you around, highlighting the best of San Juan, its history, and its mystique.

Sights Include:

  • San Juan Cathedral (1528) Cathedral, Basilica, and first place of worship
  • La Fortaleza (1533) the oldest seat of government in continuous use in the Americas
  • Columbus Square (1772) between the historic old city and the new – We get out of the vehicle at this stop.
  • Ballaja Barracks (1854) last Spanish construction of monumental proportions in the Americas. Barracks, hospital, culture center, and patrimony of P.R. to the world – We get out of the vehicle at this stop.
  • State Capitol (1924) built to guard the city’s harbor entrance – We get out of the vehicle at this stop.
  • Casa Barcardi (1958) the world’s largest premium rum distillery and the world’s number one premium spirit – We get out of the vehicle at this stop.

Our tour ends in the heart of the stores and tourist traps of Old Town.

Stay for a late lunch or early dinner at a restaurant or return back to your hotel at around 5:00 p.m.

Important Notes:

Bacardi and Old San Juan is a combination tour of Casa Bacardi’s historical tour and a driving overview of Old San Juan. Stops are made for picture opportunities. This tour is light on the historical side. Lastly, our State Capital may or may not be accessed. This depends entirely on the directives and security measures followed by our police force. We don’t control this access.