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  • A complete Tour

San Juan Done Right! - Driving

Quick Details

Experience our ode to Old San Juan and its unmatched seat within the history of the New World’s conquest. #SJDoneRight-Walking

Adult Ages 5+

Experience A Delightful Ode to Unmatched Old San Juan.

Where and when does the tour start?

Our interest is serving you and we therefore will contact you regarding the time and location. We ask that you are considerate of other guests. Please be there when we arrive at your scheduled pick-up.

What we will do!

Your certified tour guide will impart on a driving tour entering the Old San Juan Islet, advancing via El Escambron. Visit El Capitolio (our state capitol building). Afterwards, we will arrive at one of the entrances of Old San Juan at our historic Columbus Square, with Fort San Cristobal (1634) within view.

Passing La Perla, we will reach the battlefield of Fort San Felipe of the Headland – El Morro (1539), here you encounter the ramparts, embrasures, and sentry boxes of Old San Juan. Next, enter the Military Quarters, the last large colonial construction undertaken. We then go on to visit the Basilica Minor Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, full of devotion, architecture, and art. Also encounter the bayside door where many a hopeful people made their entrance into the new world.

Additional interactions include:

  • La Playita de Condado guarded by the small fort San Geronimo.
  • San Juan Cathedral (1528) the first place of worship.
  • San Juan Gate (1540) built as the original waterside access door.
  • Ballaja Infantry Barracks (1854 – 1864) last monumental military architecture construction of our Spanish Colonial period.
  • Columbus Square (1890) once called Plaza Santiago was the access point to the rest of the island therefore making it an important hub.
  • El Capitolio (1925 – 1929) the house where laws are passed.
  • Rafael Hernandez Marin Plaza (2012) Puerto Rican song composer of some of our most popular songs that include: Tu no comprendes, Cumbanchero, Preciosa, Lamento Borincano, and Campanitas de cristal.

We believe that the insight gained from this experience will become invaluable to your understanding of us island dwellers’ idiosyncrasy. Our driving tour will end in the heart of old town and although we provide transportation back to your selected drop-off location, often our guests will stay in Old San Juan; for a romantic sunset or an early evening dinner at one of countless first-class restaurants. This is for you to decide.