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Hike to Paradise

Quick Details

Children & Adults Ages 5+

Explore Inland with Our Tropical Rainforest Hiking Tour

Approximately 45 minutes from San Juan lies this beautiful waterfall. Immerse yourself in the countryside of our island. Experience the highlands of Bayamon, Puerto Rico. This hiking trail leads you through the lush tropical forest of our mountainous interior to several freshwater pools, ending at a majestic towering waterfall.

At over 1,000 feet in elevation, your trek requires attention to detail to avoid slippery areas. You cross the stream several times on the way up. Following the beaten path leads you up over rock formations and fallen trees. Expect uneven surfaces and some rock climbing while you assist yourself pulling on ropes to reach the finale.

Sights Include:

  • Vistas of the Metropolitan area along the drive up inland
  • Hiking trail about 25 to 45 minutes long, depending on physical ability and weather conditions
  • Waterfall at the end of the trail, incredibly beautiful and not only impressive but also soothing for those who lay their eyes and ears on it

What to Bring/Attire

  • Boots or tennis shoes (closed shoes), no flip flops allowed
  • Dry fit clothes or bathing suit
  • Towels
  • A change of clothes

Important Notes:

Expect a few dogs on the hike. These neighborhood friendlies are committed partners who follow anyone who ventures the trail leading to the waterfall.

On completing our activity, we take you to a Roadside Dive that shouldn’t be missed. The stop for foodies and workers alike serves local Puerto Rican food.